sql server 2008 replication(peer-to-peer) RRS feed

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  •   Hi   i have a set up  running windows 2005  Server A(   and  Server B(   ,     Both  servers installed sql server 2008 enterprise editions

    .  I have  asked to set up peer -to - peer replication for load balancing .   to our  asp.net application.


    I am testing   the setup process  .  i have able to set up   replication   in two instance.

      Our application connects   to sql with ip  and access the data ,    now i have   to  instances connected by replication i need to do load balancing to my app......

          My QUESTION   is how  and what  i have to use ( i mean software )  for  network load splitting to this 2 ips now .    we got any microsoft tools   OR   i need to buy any further  network  load splitting    and   to make automatic failover tooo ........  And how i need to connect my app  to this severs..............


    Thursday, August 4, 2011 9:02 PM