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  • Update 9/3: Reserved transaction details are now available for download in Payout Summary. Simply click on the Reserved tile and then click the link to download your Reserved transaction details.  These details are updated daily.

    Update 8/25: Historical CSVs have been updated, so that item is now closed. Reserved CSVs are still in progress.  I will provide another update when they have been enabled.

    Update 7/31: OPEN items are still being worked on.  Updated target dates reflected below.

    Update 7/7: OPEN items are still being worked on.  Targeting July deployment, but date is still TBD.

    Update 6/17: OPEN items are currently in testing.  Deployment target has been updated below.

    Update 6/2: I've updated the below to show what is CLOSED and what is still OPEN.  I've also updated the OPEN item dates, to reflect our current targets.

    Update 5/21: It's taking a little longer than expected to have everything ready for the transition to the new payout UI.  I have updated the below with new timing and priorities.

    As new information becomes available, I will update this post.



    Windows Store is transitioning to a new payout user interface (UI) this month and we want to make sure you are aware of the timing and changes:

    • CLOSED : Week of May 11, 2015:  Windows Store payouts will be issued.
    • CLOSED : Week of May 25, 2015 (Priority #1):  May payout amount, payout statement, and downloadable csv payout export becomes available in the new dashboard preview, under Payout summary for those eligible for a May payout.  All historical payout amounts and statements will also be available. 
    • CLOSED : Aug 2015 (Priority #2): Historical csv exports begin loading and complete by the end of the month.  Please visit Payout help for more information about the new payout UI and payout reporting.
    • CLOSED : Aug 2015 (Priority #3):  RESERVED transaction details (i.e. transactions that are earned, but not yet eligible for payout) become available.  You will be able to access these details by clicking on the RESERVED tile at the top of the Payout summary page.  A pop-up box will appear, with a link to download your RESERVED transactions.  Please use the RESERVED transactions in place of your Financial summary detailed transactions (after your May payout, the Financial summary detailed transactions will no longer be accurate).
    • Payout Email Communications:
      • Certain event-driven email communications will be temporarily suspended:
        • “You’ve been paid” emails will not be sent.
        • “We could not pay you” emails will not be sent.
        • “No deposit this month” emails will not be sent.
      • Payout failure emails will continue to be sent, so that you have the appropriate information to update your payout account.

    Global Commerce Team - Windows Store

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