SCORM Access from Azure Storage


  • Hello,
    I have hosted a web-application on windows Azure. The system is as follows:
    1. C# Web-Api is hosted on Azure web-apps
    2. Database on Azure Sql Server
    3. Azure Storage for storing unzipped SCORM package(which includes JS and HTML Files)

    My front-end is in Javascript framework which is hosted on main domain. The Storage server has a domain as Now when the SCORM packages loads in Iframe from storage, they will try to access some JS and APIs calls from the main domain which causes a security exception.

    From what I understand, I need that Iframe to Access the parent window JS and API to make everything running properly. Can you please guide me as to how this can be achieved using azure. Also I wanted some guidance whether the hosted architecture is good for such a application or should I switch to Virtual machine setup and host everything there.

    Thank You,

    Thursday, November 19, 2015 6:02 PM


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