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  • Hello Chris,


    I realize that you have suggested this topic would be better covered in the App Hub. However I have been searching for the right answer for months and I have not seen nor recieved clarification from anyone.

    I looked through the current document regarding new developers registration and I still see no clear and concise proceedure regarding the ITIN.

    We submitted an application for an ITIN and we were rejected. After I called and spoke with the IRS Tax Law office, I found the reason for the rejection. I can fix the mistake I made. However the law Tax Law office stated that the supporting document from Microsoft with a photocopied signature would be cause for rejection. The lady stated that only a letter with an original signature would be accepted.


    I posted in the App Hub regarding this matter, and I have not seen any response to that post as of yet.

    Refer to post July 30 2011

    If you could speak with the powers that be to have this matter addressed in the documentation for new developers it would be a tremendous help! We still do not have an ITIN number and I do not want to reapply until the issue regarding the Microsoft letter is clarifed.


    Aside from that long winded rant! I think that all parties involved have done a fantastic job with the roll out of Mango and all of the support leading up to and after the release of the dev tools. It is great to have the developer community to work with and learn from! My sincere thanks to everyone!

    Best regards

    Greg Harris




    Wednesday, August 31, 2011 12:18 PM