The MSDN Forums need to be reworked so SPAM can't be posted here RRS feed

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  • Juan T. Llibre said:

    See the massive amount of SPAM posted to :

    ...and you will come to the same conclusion I arrived at:
    the MSDN Forums need to be reworked so SPAM can't be posted here.

    Unless you require every post to be reviewed before posting, it's almost impossible to eliminate some degree of spam. And even then, what YOU call spam may not be what others call spam. I assume you know the actual definition of spam?

    FWIW: We see lots of what I call less than appropriate content. Some is  not really spam, but it is not content apprppriate to the wiki. That stuff gets cleaned up pretty quickly and pretty efficiently as the wiki mods do a pretty good job. Most stuff is gone within a day or two (and the folks posting it tend NOT to return to post more).

    What would be more appropriate is to ensure that forum moderators kill it truly inappropriate material as fast as possible.  If the vandals (and I use the word loosely) never see their 'efforts' then they'll move somewhere else. And don't forget, vandals don't tend to vandalise ____ sites.

    Thomas Lee
    Sunday, August 3, 2008 2:07 PM