Create a list view based on data from another list RRS feed

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  • Ok, my scenario is like this:

    I have created 2 lists. One is pay band and the other is pay point.

    For the pay band, I have the minmum and maximum pay points for each band (so i have 3 columns: band, minimum and maximum).

    For the pay point, I have the pay point and the pay (so I have 2 columns: Point and salary)

    My problem now is that I would like to create views on the pay point list. I need to create as many views as there are bands in the pay band list. And for each of this view, I would like the pay points to be filtered based on the maximum and minimum pay point of each band. The main reason why I need this is that I will later need to query it from infopath, and since filtering is not required in browser forms, am trying to filter first before taking it to infopath.

    I know I can do this manually by entering the pay band minimum and maximum values in the 'Is equals' textbox but I am wondering if there is a way to connect the two list so that if by any change the max and min changes, its reflected in the view.

    The problem really is because when filtering list, it takes only hardcoded values or [Me] and [Today].

    Anybody know how to do the comparison dynamically (OTB only please)?

    Thanks in advance,


    Tuesday, July 19, 2011 11:36 AM