How to insert the XML Document from BizTalk into the SQL 2008 using the message assignment shape RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am having EDI transaction set coming into the biztalk from the receive location which contains more than 5 to 6 messages in the transaction set I am receiving. I splitted this transaction set in to the xml messages by using EDI Pipeline and I inserted the data from xml into the Database.

    Also I have to insert the XML doc into the database in one of the record in the record set.

    So, I want to know, how to insert the XML Doc (which I am receiving to the BizTalk after passing through the EDI receive pipeline) into the Database.

    I have following Messages in my project

    a.EDI837PMsg which is "X12_00401_837_P" Schema
    b.SQLReqMsg which is Procedure Request Message (to insert the data from the xml to the DB) which was generated by the stored procedure which is xontinig one field as the XML Document.
    I assigned System.Xml.XmlDocument to the Message "XMLMsg " and also added the Variable "VarXMLDoc" to the System.Xml.XmlDocument.
    So now  to which incoming message I have to assign this XMLMsg.? Is it EDI837PMsg or SQLReqMsg?

    I created a message Assignment shape and in this which messaege I have to construct?

    and what is the exact expression that I have to give to the Message Assignment shape

    Also I had a table which have the column set to the xml.  Can you please let me know the exact stored procedure which I have to write.

    I am a starter in the BizTalk. So please help me on this with detailed discription, if you don't mind...

    Anybody, Please help me out in this..

    Thanks in Advance.


    Wednesday, September 15, 2010 8:55 PM