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  • I've been using EDM Designer Extensions Starter Kit for adding custom Properties to the model and it works great! The problem is we need to add some additional functionality to EDM Designer. To put things into context - we are developing a RAD tool for creating MVC applications. This tool would have core model with entities it relies on with an option to expand this core EDM. Most important thing I would like to achieve is to disable editing of of this core Entities and their mutual associations (make them read-only), but allow adding additional associations (thus navigation properties) and inheritance. Obviously, adding new entities to this core model should be allowed. I tried to achieve this by using OnBeforeModelSaved and undoing changes to these "core entities" that we need unmodified by using base model as a reference, but this is a difficult task and I haven't got the results that are usable in every case. Also, it would be nice-to-have if I could add some custom options in context menu for executing actions on all selected entities. How do you suggest I approach this tasks? Is there a way to inherit from and extend or override features of EDM designer, maybe by using MEF or VSXI? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
    Thursday, December 29, 2011 12:09 PM