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  • Does anybody know why DisplayInformation.RawPixelsPerViewPixel is only available for Windows Phone 8.1 and not also for Windows 8.1? I know that I can use ResolutionScale, but I am very curious about why there are two properties which are almost the same, but one is for Windows 8.1 and the other for Windows Phone 8.1.

    Could it be that ResolutionScale will be deprecated for Windows, too, somewhen in the future?

    And a second question:

    Why can it happen for WIndows Phone 8.1 that RawPixelsPerViewPixel and ResolutionScale get different numbers?

    For example: Emulator 8.1 WVGA 4 inch:

    ResolutionScale: Scale140Percent

    RawPixelsPerViewPixel: 1.2

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  • Hi Eikuh,

    For you first question, I think this is by design. If you want to get the information by one same interface, you could post requirement on UserVoice.

    For your second question, I think this is the two different stuff.  When the new high-resolutions display device is coming, if we use the 100percent scale in all the device, we will get poor user experience in high-resolutions device because it’s hard to touch the button, it’s too small. So we can use ResolutionScale property to see the zoomratio.

    RawPixelsPerViewPixel property means how many raw pixels in per layout pixel, the larger the value the more clear the view.
    I compare two kinds of windows phone emulators, you can see details from the following images.

    The first image indicates 1080p 5.5inch, the second is WVGA 4inch. We can see 1080p is more powerful than WVGA.

    Hope this can help you understand the two properties.

    If you still have questions, please feel free to let me know.


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    Friday, October 17, 2014 10:03 AM
  • Hi Herro wong,

    Thank you for your answer. However, I think, you did not understand my question.

    I always thought that RawPixelsPerViewPixel and ResolutionScale are the same things.

    I would expect ResolutionScale = 140 if and only if RawPixelsPerViewPixel = 1.4

    However, the emulators show that both values differ.

    So what does ResolutionScale mean if it is not the same as RawPixelsPerViewPixel?

    Friday, October 17, 2014 2:56 PM
  • I'd LOVE to know the answer to Eikuh's question myself.

    "I would expect ResolutionScale = 140 if and only if RawPixelsPerViewPixel = 1.4"

    Exactly my point as well! It seems RawPixelsPerViewPixel is the useful API and ResolutionScale gives a meaningless answer (or an answer that no one is able to explain and is not explained in any documentation AFAIK). Unfortunately RawPixelsPerViewPixel is not available in Windows so I have to put #ifdefs to make my dual-project solution to make it compile and still can't find out the correct value on Windows (although it always seems to be 1 anyway: it seems this whole Resolution scale business is Windows Phone only)

    Can we get to the bottom of this?

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