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  • I'm sure this will have been asked before but couldn't find any exact info from searches.

    I currently have a Visual Studio Pro with MSDN subscription.
    From my understanding I get an azure allowance giving me 375 hours of small compute time and that equates to that's half a month of constant running

    1st. Is it possible for me to run 3 extra small instances instead giving me 3 constantly running instances without going over the allowance?

    2nd. is it viable to run a testing environment on those machines 1 running IIS with a few websites, 1 with MS SQL, and another dedicated to the teams TFS server?

    The instances would only be used for a small amount of outside testing and the database would be used for outside testing and by the dev team (3 developers including myself) during code production.

    In summary,
    1. does my 375 hours of small instance = 3 extra small always on instances?
    2. will an extra small instance be able to handle MS SQL in a dev environment?

    Cheers for any feed back

    Thursday, December 6, 2012 11:26 AM


  • Hello Nathan,

    Your 375 Small hours should be able to run 3 extra small instances for the month without running out.

    375 * 6 = 2250 extra small hours.

    3 extra small instances * 750 hours = 2250 extra small hours (375 small hours).

    Cloud Services Instance Size Clock Hours Small Instance Hours
    Extra Small 1 1/6 hour
    Small 1 1 hour
    Medium 1 2 hours
    Large 1 4 hours
    Extra Large 1 8 hours

    As for question 2, here are the specs for the instance. 

    Cloud Services Instance Size CPU Cores CPU Speed Memory Instance Storage I/O Performance Cost/Hour
    Extra Small Shared 1.0 GHz 768 MB 20 GB Low $0.02

    You may want to run a 90 day free trial at the same time which will allow you more free quantities that will allow your test to run more efficiently. 


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