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  • we are developing a Windows Store app and will be further developing the initial release of this app over the next year. we will be using it internally as well as with a potential customer in Chile who will be part of a free pilot for 1 year.

    I would prefer to offer the app via the Windows 8 Store. however, this option is a deal breaker because it does not enable rapid deployments, which is critical during development. for example, if we discover an issue and need to release an update, I need everyone to receive that update immediately. what I don't want is to have to go through a several day process of posting the update to the Windows Store, waiting for approval, and then expecting the end-user to self-update the application. this would kill the entire project. our users are healthcare professionals and have very little patience for watching for and manually performing updates.

    most of my users will not be within the same physical network and domain. therefore, sideloading within a domain will not work. my understanding is that I therefore need to acquire a 'product key' that must be installed on each individual PC or device. is this correct? and if so, do I then have the proper licensing for my scenario?

    which still leads me to the auto-deployment issue. the way I hope to accomplish this is to install a small windows service on each PC. this service will periodically check for updates that are posted online (i.e. sitting in Azure blob storage). if found, the update is downloaded and PowerShell is used to run 'Add-AppxPackage' to install the update for the user. however, I have spent the last 2 days trying to get this service (or even a console application for that matter) to install the appx package - without success.

    can someone please validate this model or suggest an alternative solution? and does anyone have an example of successfully launching a PowerShell script from a Windows Service? everything appears to install correctly, but the app does not appear on the Start screen.

    PS-> installing Windows 8 Apps just should not be this difficult! Thanks!

    Monday, May 6, 2013 4:22 PM