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  • hi. a blind it student using the jaws for windows screen reader. tried to import a microsoft access database with tools, windows 10 pro 64 bit, microsoft access 2010 32 bit, sql server developer 2014 64 bit. when i try to import the database, had accidentally saved the import steps, then got errors, and then deleted the database in access, from windows exploer or called this - pc in windows 10. okay, recreated the database, and imported the tables, still getting errors, tried changing and setting the properties on the primary keys to auto number and to allow duplicates, did not work. so my lectuer sent me an updated version of the access driver and also the microsoft sql import or migration wizard. well, said it could not import. so how do i fix this, had to do this for a database subject and had windows 8.1 and it worked, when i rolled back to windows 7 64 bit pro, having these issues. and now on windows 10 64 bit, just would like to import the tables and read the data. any one got any ideas, and the migration wizard not the most accessible to navigate with a screen reader. any ideas, suggestions, software links. have tried to google, and spent a few hours yesterday, trying to find an answer, but no luck, any ideas. frustrated. microsoft has know this error and issue for a while according to my lectuer. microsoft needs a bomb put under them to fix this not just for me, but other users. thanks. marvin from adelaide, australia.

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    Wednesday, September 23, 2015 3:48 AM