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  • Problem: Connections are being dropped between clients and the web server.  This happens if you navigate via a web page, or mapped drive to the server itself.

    Setup: I have a web server and a database server that our on our corporate intranet.  To allow external access, a firewall exception is in place.  The firewall exception basically puts it on its own network.  The web server has two ip addresses, one is a 10.*.*.* ip that is the corporate intranet (the database server is also a 10.*.*.* ip).  The other ip on the web server is a 139.*.*.* ip.  This is the ip that is mapped to our domain in IIS.

    The problem is that the server has a secondary ip, the firewall does not see the return traffic(when using the 139 address) because the server answers the clients on the local 10  and doesn't go through the firewall therefore the firewall times out the original connection and kills the session. NOTE: This only happens for requests that originate from the intranet.  External users do not experience the network dropw. To fix this I removed the 10 ip on the web server.  This fixed the drops, but it slowed the web applications down dramatically.  My assumption is because the database server is on the 10, and now the communications between the two are hindered.

    What are my options for fixing this problem?  Does anyone have a similar setup?

    The web server is running:
    Windows Server 2003
    IIS 6.0

    The db server is running:
    Windows Server 2003
    SQL Server 2000

    Thursday, October 25, 2007 4:30 PM