Is it necessary to have a HUB for network kernel debugging environment ? RRS feed

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  • There might be something wrong for setting up the network debugging environment. But I really don't know why...

    I also refer some post solution. But it still can't work.

    Is it necessary to have a HUB between two PC? 

    I'm sure the NIC card  in the list which support network debugging. 

    From the beginning setup

    < Target computer >

    1. disable the firewall

    2. I can ping the Host computer NAME.

    3.  install WDK Test Target Setup MSI 

    < Host computer >

    1. By VS2013, follows the website.

    I can see the target computer is under some setup progress. Maybe install somethings...

    But the whole procedure is not finished when it comes to the last "Attempt to connect". You will see VS2013 try again and again, but the connection can't build up. Event I reboot the Target PC, the connection can't build up.

    At this moment, "Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter" is in the device manager. And, I wonder it is working or not. How do I now it is working? Since I try to ping the host computer again, the connection is missing. I can't get a correct response. Is it normal or how to check the Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter is working or not ?


    Caro Lin

    Wednesday, May 14, 2014 2:24 PM