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    I had a application that using XML and ASPX. Some button or function i want to hide it, but it always effectiveness when the application is running, i haven't set refresh of the application, i have no idea why the code always effectiveness even the application is running and no one touch it.

    Please help me...

    here are the coding:

    <gxaitem title="Entry/Exit" monitor="1" type="frame">
    <gxaitem id="monitor2tabs" title="Mimic" type="tabs">
    <gxaitem firstchildsize="65%" sizetype="horizontal" id="entry_tab" title="Enty/Loading" type="container">
    <gxaitem id="loadingweb" type="web" title="">
    <web home="http://%%%server%%%/xray/checkin2/loading.aspx?HideScanButton=true&AutoWaitingOnly=true&ReadOnly=true&PageTitle=Loading"/>
    <gxaitem id="EntryMimic" type="Mimic" title="Overview Mimic">
    <mimic mimicfile="..\Mimics\EntryExitMimic\HZMB-Entry.cargomimic"/>
    <gxaitem firstchildsize="65%" sizetype="horizontal" id="entry_tab" title="Exit/Checkout" type="container">
    <gxaitem id="checkinweb" type="web" title="">
    <web home="http://%%%server%%%/xray/Manifest_not_busy.aspx"/>
    <gxaitem id="EntryMimic" type="Mimic" title="Overview Mimic">
    <mimic mimicfile="..\Mimics\EntryExitMimic\HZMB-Exit.cargomimic"/>

    The red mark is the problem of effectiveness.

    anyone can help me please?

    Thursday, February 20, 2020 6:27 AM

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  • User-1330468790 posted

    Hi, Chrisip0307,

    According to the information you gave, I am afraid that I cannot find out the reason about your problem.

    Could you please tell me more details about how you are using the xml with .aspx? 

    Within understanding when the xml takes effect, we could reproduce the problem and try to solve it.

    Best regards,


    Friday, February 21, 2020 11:28 AM