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  • Hey all, I've been practicing with two programs of mine, implementing different things I learn.  I'm having such a blast getting my feet wet with programming. 

    I'd like to ask you seasoned people a few things to see what you think.. I've been reading a lot now about programming and the dozens of languages available.  A few people have mentioned to me that choosing a programming language is based on your intention as some are better at this or that job.  Okay, I understand that.  But, I have no intention other than fun. 

    Is Visual Basic a logical next step out of Small Basic?  What I wasn't sure of was if the commands and everything for Small Basic is literally the same as Visual Basic, but just not as intense?  Will I have to start over, is it that different?  The other languages I read about make me nervous haha.. I'm no good at math and all the computer stuff I don't really know about. 

    Also, when you guys first started out, how did you go about practicing every day?  I'm actually a big fan of homework, I love being a student, I'll start again in May.  I really liked seeing the 'Monthly Challenge', I think thats a great idea, a great motivator, and I'll try to participate and hopefully be able to do the intermediate ones soon.  Did you guys give yourself homework, like challenge yourself to make this or that program just to do it?  I've made all the conversion progams I can think of, just to practice and whatnot. 

    Anyway, I want to keep the questions sort of general and open.  I'd just like to hear differen things you guys would have to say about this.  Whatever you want to say is fine, those are just some questions I had in mind.  But, I'm mostly curious about your 'starts'. 

    EDIT: Oh, and, I welcome anyone to give me homework =) no matter how long or short it would take.  But, keep in mind I'm a total beginner and couldn't complete the 'First Steps' monthly challenge without a bit of help. 

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  • Try this on for size:

    As for your next language... the bulk of new development is either in Java or .Net.  Yes, there is a large amount of C and C++ out there, and various niche languages from PHP to Smalltalk to LISP, etc.  Syntactically, VB .Net might be the shortest leap, hence the most alluring.  I'd say take it, learn aspects of OOP and then make a final choice between Java and .Net (probably C#).

    Wednesday, February 29, 2012 2:37 PM
  • Thanks for that link, theres tons of stuff there that should keep me busy for a while heh.

    I've heard a lot about Java and someone mentioned Greenfoot which is, I suppose, similar to Small Basic.  It is the 'little' version of Java.  But, since I don't have so much time to spread myself thin, nor do I think it is a good idea, I'll stick with Small Basic for now, even though I'm super excited and would love to dive into Greenfoot also. 

    I'm not near starting VB just yet, in my opinion.  I want to be able to understand what I'm doing in Small Basic before I start the basics of VB.  I'm just thinking and curious.  Because, I would like to be proficient in a language.

    Thursday, March 1, 2012 9:51 AM