How to format the empty flash dive( such as NVSRAM ) to FAT16 or FAT 32? RRS feed

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  • Hi Developer soul, 

    Glad to hear your voice through this microsoft platform.

    I m a embedded developer for creating communication between the Bluetooth device and Cloud based network.. that is based on IoT services.. I have Bluetooth board with microcontroller and NVS flash internally .. I want to implement FAT system to that NVS part..

    I studied lot of papers and examples regarding to the external drives but  for internal NVS is still mystery for me..

     I want to know how to implement the FAT system in NVS system and write data with FAT facilities..

    what is the first step? 

    In NVS system, i can put simply region size and sector size and base address and length of the address....

    For FAT, we need splitted sector i tought.. I dont know .. its possible.. 

    I hope i ll get positive answer and for my inspiration guys..

    Thanks in advance,

     Beyond7 as J.Rahman Adam 

    Wednesday, February 7, 2018 8:49 PM