Date&Time selected from Calendar Icon always short 1 hr, i.e. prior day. RRS feed

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  • I am using SPD to create a workflow called "Please Revise", which initiates a variable called "Respond By".  For the "Respond By" variable:  Type is "Date & Time"; default is "Use date & time of item creation as default"; and Display is "Date Only".

    When I start the workflow manually, the workflow correctly asks for the "Respond By" date, and presents the calendar icon.  I click the icon, the calendar appears, I click a date on the calendar like "01 Apr 2010", the window to the left correctly displays "4/1/2010", and the workflow runs and sends an email with the "Respond By" value.

    The problem is that the "Respond By" value does not appear as "01 Apr 2010" or "4/1/2010" at all, despite setting display to "Date Only".  Instead -- and incorrectly -- the value sent in the email is always one hour short i.e. 11:00 PM on the prior day, like "3/31/2010 11:00 PM".

    OK, it could be one of a million things.  But exactly what is the cause and fix?


    Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:37 PM


  • Sounds like a timezone mismatch, at least from what you are expecting. A few places to look:

    For the server:

       Check the time and date settings in the Control Panel

    For the application:

       Central Admin, Application Management, Web Application General Settings

    For the site:

       Site Actions, Site Settings, Regional Settings

    For the user: (your test account?)

       Welcome Menu, My Settings, My Regional Settings



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