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  • When I profile using xperf there are always cases when I see that, say, svhost(1552) "eating resources". I could then go to ProcessExplorer and see that svhost(1552) running like 10 services.

    How to determine which of the services is a culprit?

    Is it possible to configure xperf somehow to see the statistics for each service?

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  • Hi Dimitry,

    not sure what is your current use case --> at the windows boot or the runtime.

    Assumption runetime: "xperf -on cswitch+services+procces+Loader+Proc_thread"

    Additional information around tracing from processes can be displayed with the following command:

    "xperf –help processing"

    Best regards


    Tuesday, September 20, 2011 7:14 AM
  • Thank you very much for your reply. But I'm quite don't understand how to do it. 

    I'm talking about runtime profiling. 

    I dont have +services+process in my kernel flags. And when I use postprocess -a services, I get nothing (see the picture below) 

    Even if I turn all mentioned kernel flags and -stackwalk profile, I get something like picture below. So I see there are like 10 services is attached to the process but can't find out, what activity belongs to what service.

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  • Hi Dimitry,

    please "pic" the column "stack" and press the left mouse key.
    Now you can move this column to the left / first position.
    Now you should able to expand the stack column and by opening the "ntdl.dl!RtUserThreadStart" you should now get the whole list / dependencies view :).

    Best regards


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  • Another option is to run some services in their own svchost, like:

    sc config wuauserv type= own

    To undo:

    sc config wuauserv type= share

    Now how do you run a driver in a seperate System process.  :)


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