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    I just wanted to give an update concerning my case of not being able to re-install WebStudio_Trial_en.exe (the free upgrade from EW3 to EW4 - full story in link).

    I finally received a case # from MS & was contacted by Anil on 8/10/11. He tried to solve the issue via remote access & has been unable to get EW4 to re-install. He obtained the log file from the failed installation attempt. He suggested trying to download & install ExpressionStudio_UltimateTrial_en.exe. I let him go, as it was going to take over 30 minutes to download. The install attempt later failed & I emailed him the log file.

    As I was writing this post, I just got a call from Anil at MS Support. He obtained some more information from me & aknowledged that SP2 has caused numerous problems - even when it was successfully installed. Their team is working on the various issues. As a former tech, I understand that some issues are much more complex than others. I am satisfied to know that they are well aware of the problems now & that they are working on resolutions. Hopefully the info obtained from my problem will help.

    I very seldom call MS Support for any PC issues, as I usually am able to find solutions via some excellent forums on the web. After finding that MS has been unable to solve this issue, I don't feel bad about occupying their time on this one!

    Friday, August 12, 2011 4:31 PM

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