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  • Hi All,

    We're working on one windows mobile application using C#, where we're storing all application configuartion information in XML file. User is able to alter all configuration properties stored in file through application UI.

    But we need some way to protect that file from alteration. And if somehow anyone able to alter it, we need to send some administrative alert. I heard of using CRC on files, but no idea how to implement that using .Net CF with C#. Any quick help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...



    Sunday, April 11, 2010 11:09 AM


  • What you need to do is to calculate the CRC of the configuration file everytime there is a change on it and then store that CRC somewhere else (not in the same file as it will change the CRC, maybe registery?).

    Once your application runs, you need to get the CRC of the configuration file again and compare the result against what you have stored earlier.

    To calculate the CRC, try the following class, add it to your project and call it.

    class CRCCalc
            // Example use
            //System.Text.ASCIIEncoding AsciiEncoding = new System.Text.ASCIIEncoding();
            //byte[] Checksum = Calculate(AsciiEncoding.GetBytes("Checksum This!")); // String to bytes
            //MessageBox.Show(AsciiEncoding.GetString(Checksum)); // Return checksum
            // The CRC value table
            private static readonly UInt32[] CRCTable =
                0x00000000, 0x77073096, 0xee0e612c, 0x990951ba, 0x076dc419,
                0x706af48f, 0xe963a535, 0x9e6495a3, 0x0edb8832, 0x79dcb8a4,
                0xe0d5e91e, 0x97d2d988, 0x09b64c2b, 0x7eb17cbd, 0xe7b82d07,
                0x90bf1d91, 0x1db71064, 0x6ab020f2, 0xf3b97148, 0x84be41de,
                0x1adad47d, 0x6ddde4eb, 0xf4d4b551, 0x83d385c7, 0x136c9856,
                0x646ba8c0, 0xfd62f97a, 0x8a65c9ec, 0x14015c4f, 0x63066cd9,
                0xfa0f3d63, 0x8d080df5, 0x3b6e20c8, 0x4c69105e, 0xd56041e4,
                0xa2677172, 0x3c03e4d1, 0x4b04d447, 0xd20d85fd, 0xa50ab56b,
                0x35b5a8fa, 0x42b2986c, 0xdbbbc9d6, 0xacbcf940, 0x32d86ce3,
                0x45df5c75, 0xdcd60dcf, 0xabd13d59, 0x26d930ac, 0x51de003a,
                0xc8d75180, 0xbfd06116, 0x21b4f4b5, 0x56b3c423, 0xcfba9599,
                0xb8bda50f, 0x2802b89e, 0x5f058808, 0xc60cd9b2, 0xb10be924,
                0x2f6f7c87, 0x58684c11, 0xc1611dab, 0xb6662d3d, 0x76dc4190,
                0x01db7106, 0x98d220bc, 0xefd5102a, 0x71b18589, 0x06b6b51f,
                0x9fbfe4a5, 0xe8b8d433, 0x7807c9a2, 0x0f00f934, 0x9609a88e,
                0xe10e9818, 0x7f6a0dbb, 0x086d3d2d, 0x91646c97, 0xe6635c01,
                0x6b6b51f4, 0x1c6c6162, 0x856530d8, 0xf262004e, 0x6c0695ed,
                0x1b01a57b, 0x8208f4c1, 0xf50fc457, 0x65b0d9c6, 0x12b7e950,
                0x8bbeb8ea, 0xfcb9887c, 0x62dd1ddf, 0x15da2d49, 0x8cd37cf3,
                0xfbd44c65, 0x4db26158, 0x3ab551ce, 0xa3bc0074, 0xd4bb30e2,
                0x4adfa541, 0x3dd895d7, 0xa4d1c46d, 0xd3d6f4fb, 0x4369e96a,
                0x346ed9fc, 0xad678846, 0xda60b8d0, 0x44042d73, 0x33031de5,
                0xaa0a4c5f, 0xdd0d7cc9, 0x5005713c, 0x270241aa, 0xbe0b1010,
                0xc90c2086, 0x5768b525, 0x206f85b3, 0xb966d409, 0xce61e49f,
                0x5edef90e, 0x29d9c998, 0xb0d09822, 0xc7d7a8b4, 0x59b33d17,
                0x2eb40d81, 0xb7bd5c3b, 0xc0ba6cad, 0xedb88320, 0x9abfb3b6,
                0x03b6e20c, 0x74b1d29a, 0xead54739, 0x9dd277af, 0x04db2615,
                0x73dc1683, 0xe3630b12, 0x94643b84, 0x0d6d6a3e, 0x7a6a5aa8,
                0xe40ecf0b, 0x9309ff9d, 0x0a00ae27, 0x7d079eb1, 0xf00f9344,
                0x8708a3d2, 0x1e01f268, 0x6906c2fe, 0xf762575d, 0x806567cb,
                0x196c3671, 0x6e6b06e7, 0xfed41b76, 0x89d32be0, 0x10da7a5a,
                0x67dd4acc, 0xf9b9df6f, 0x8ebeeff9, 0x17b7be43, 0x60b08ed5,
                0xd6d6a3e8, 0xa1d1937e, 0x38d8c2c4, 0x4fdff252, 0xd1bb67f1,
                0xa6bc5767, 0x3fb506dd, 0x48b2364b, 0xd80d2bda, 0xaf0a1b4c,
                0x36034af6, 0x41047a60, 0xdf60efc3, 0xa867df55, 0x316e8eef,
                0x4669be79, 0xcb61b38c, 0xbc66831a, 0x256fd2a0, 0x5268e236,
                0xcc0c7795, 0xbb0b4703, 0x220216b9, 0x5505262f, 0xc5ba3bbe,
                0xb2bd0b28, 0x2bb45a92, 0x5cb36a04, 0xc2d7ffa7, 0xb5d0cf31,
                0x2cd99e8b, 0x5bdeae1d, 0x9b64c2b0, 0xec63f226, 0x756aa39c,
                0x026d930a, 0x9c0906a9, 0xeb0e363f, 0x72076785, 0x05005713,
                0x95bf4a82, 0xe2b87a14, 0x7bb12bae, 0x0cb61b38, 0x92d28e9b,
                0xe5d5be0d, 0x7cdcefb7, 0x0bdbdf21, 0x86d3d2d4, 0xf1d4e242,
                0x68ddb3f8, 0x1fda836e, 0x81be16cd, 0xf6b9265b, 0x6fb077e1,
                0x18b74777, 0x88085ae6, 0xff0f6a70, 0x66063bca, 0x11010b5c,
                0x8f659eff, 0xf862ae69, 0x616bffd3, 0x166ccf45, 0xa00ae278,
                0xd70dd2ee, 0x4e048354, 0x3903b3c2, 0xa7672661, 0xd06016f7,
                0x4969474d, 0x3e6e77db, 0xaed16a4a, 0xd9d65adc, 0x40df0b66,
                0x37d83bf0, 0xa9bcae53, 0xdebb9ec5, 0x47b2cf7f, 0x30b5ffe9,
                0xbdbdf21c, 0xcabac28a, 0x53b39330, 0x24b4a3a6, 0xbad03605,
                0xcdd70693, 0x54de5729, 0x23d967bf, 0xb3667a2e, 0xc4614ab8,
                0x5d681b02, 0x2a6f2b94, 0xb40bbe37, 0xc30c8ea1, 0x5a05df1b,
            // The method that does the magic
            public static byte[] Calculate(byte[] Value)
                UInt32 CRCVal = 0xffffffff;
                for (int i = 0; i < Value.Length; i++)
                    CRCVal = (CRCVal >> 8) ^ CRCTable[(CRCVal & 0xff) ^ Value[i]];
                CRCVal ^= 0xffffffff; // Toggle operation
                byte[] Result = new byte[4];
                Result[0] = (byte)(CRCVal >> 24);
                Result[1] = (byte)(CRCVal >> 16);
                Result[2] = (byte)(CRCVal >> 8);
                Result[3] = (byte)(CRCVal);
                return Result;

    Note : i take no credit for the code above, i got it from here http://www.geekpedia.com/code113_Checksum-CRC32-Calculator.html

    as said, once your application Runs, get the CRC of the config file, compare it, if the same then no Unauthorized modifications happened else notify the administrator.

    Another approach, File Time Stamp.

     this is very simple, the concept is to use the last write time on the file and compare it against the previously saved one, if the same then you are in a good shape, if not then the file has been modified. Don't forget to read the last write access time after the user saves the new configuration.

    so the logic will be like this,

    1. write the change to the XML file.
    2. read the LastWriteTime of the file and store it somewhere.
    3. on application run, read the LastWriteTime and compare it.
    4. to avoid multiple notifications to the Admin, once you notify the admin, update the value you stored earlier so it won't notify again on the next run.

    To access the file LastWriteTime use the following code

    System.IO.File.GetLastWriteTime(@"\Program Files\My Application\MyConfig.XML");

    hope this helps :)

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