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    We have a hosted ASP.NET Web Forms application, and this application accesses data stored in the office SQL Server database via WCF Web services.  The Web services are secured with .NET 4.5 Username security.

    I have been asked to produce reports for the application so users can see reports on their data.  In testing I managed to display reports quite successfully using the ReportViewer control accessing data from our internal instance of Reporting Services on the LAN, but the application would have it's own instance of Reporting Services.

    My problem is that I need to report on data which is in the office, but the ReportViewer control would be in the hosted Web application elsewhere.  I think I need to somehow expose an instance of Reporting Services from the office so that I can view reports in the Web application.  The instance of reporting services would need to be secured so that only the Web application could call reporting services.  I could pass a unique username parameter to identify the logged in user and get their data.  The application could access Reporting Services always using the same username and password so perhaps a Windows account could be used for that?

    Is there a safe way that I could expose Reporting Services from the office, and to access it using a single username and password from the Web application?

    Some ideas I have had to make things more secure are as follows:

    • Secure Reporting Services by IP address.
    • Secure Reporting Services using a single Windows account (perhaps using plain text credentials over https).
    • Secure Reporting Services using some kind of certificate.
    • Use replication to push SQL Server data up to the Web server as a last resort.

    Note: I do not think that I can create local .rdlc reports using my free version of Visual Studio, although we could purchase a version if forced to report on data via the Web services.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    *** Update: There are some settings which appear to lock Reporting Services down to some extent here
     C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.SQLEXPRESS\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config


    So now I am wondering whether to set up a local machine account with minimal permissions and only give that user Browser access to Reporting Services.

    I guess basic authentication could be used over https to view reports in the Report Viewer control?

    Monday, November 24, 2014 5:48 AM

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    I think I need to somehow expose an instance of Reporting Services from the office so that I can view reports in the Web application


    So far as I know, if you want to connect Access database in the application, you can set it in the application. Please refer to the steps below:

    • In the Choose Data Source dialog box, select Microsoft Access Database File, and then click OK.

      If the Add Connection dialog box opens, and the Data source is not Microsoft Access Database File, click Change to open the Choose/Change Data Source dialog box. For more information.

    • Enter the path to the database file you want to access, or click the Browse button to locate the database file.

    • Enter login information if required by your database.

    • Click OK.

    As we know, the Access DataBase and the application are different servers. When you create connection by the above steps, we need to select the Access server.

    For more information about how to connect Access DataBase, please refer to the steps below:


    Hope it's useful for you.

    Best Regards,

    Michelle Ge

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014 2:57 AM
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    Hi Michelle

    I am not sure this was an answer to my question.  I think I need to expose specific data in the ReportViewer control via Reporting Services, and to lock Reporting Services down so this can be done in a secure way.  Exposing the SQL Server database (not Access) seems like a more risky proposition.


    Tuesday, November 25, 2014 4:30 AM