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  • I haven't been publishing apps/games for some time, and so the new way the marketplace is positioning new apps is puzzling me.

    I've recently published a game in two versions, paid and free. The paid version is one week old. The free version is 3-4 days old. What I noticed:

    • both games never appeared in the general New+Rising section of any marketplace
    • the paid game appeared for 3-4 days on the first page of its category, New+Rising section
    • then the paid game appeared in the last position of its category, New+Rising section
    • now the paid game doesn't appear anymore in the New+Rising section of its category
    • on the US marketplace only, the paid game is featured at the moment of writing
    • the free game appeared in the New+Rising section of its category around position 400, or didn't appear at all

    (tested on US, UK, IT & FR marketplaces)

    So baiscally the only way to find these new games is by searching the marketplace, by searching my publisher's id, or by being exremely lucky and get under the market's spotlight.
    I've opened a support ticket last week asking about the New+Rising section only and this was the answer:

    "Due to the number of new app submissions there is no guarantee that all new apps will be listed in this section. There are also a variety of factors that are used to select apps for this section based on our internal algorithm.

    Other factors use include customer ratings, how frequently it's 'pinned' or 'unpinned' from Start, and performance (does it crash often?) to determine its overall ranking. If you've invested in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction you will more directly benefit through better ranking and discoverability."

    So, where are the new apps listed? How long before an app is not considered "new" anymore? How is the market gathering initial data on downloads/ratings/pins/performance if the app had barely any visibility at all? Is it just too early rather than too late?

    Is there any working software, like the old Alex Sorokoletov's ztop, to get some real time information on marketplace positioning?


    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 11:19 PM