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    The whole approach to the Mac vs PC in Microsofts commercials are way off base and out of tune for this generation. What makes Apple more appealing is not the comedic sense in the commercials. Its the statement without saying the statement in the minds of many from young to old. What I mean by this is when you think of Mac you think of lean, slick and clean. The same as the character in the commercials for Mac. Geek is out....way out!


    I'm been in the computer industry for many years on both sides. I have many good ideas and skits to turn around the thinking of this generation and the next pertaining to the new and next OS's of Microsoft. Don't play catch-up when you can lead.


    Sample: I'll give this one as a freebie....................many more if you like.


    A commercial featuring a bundle of stars (comedians) high ranking comedians.


    Skit 1


    Danny Devito and John Travolta (Chili Pepper type of scene) Remember the little car Travolta had to drive around instead of a cadillac and the statements that were made about the car he was driving. The same could work for the PC up against the Mac. It cost less. Its more user friendly, more software works with it, and you can plug and play everything unlike the Mac. These are the type of new commercials that should be showing up on football game ad times than what were seeing now. Funny punchy in your face lines that set a sub conscience after thought that carry's through the work week that has everyone talking...............hey did you see the latest Microsoft commercial?


    You can contact me on more of my ideas if you like.



    Saturday, September 6, 2008 5:04 AM