WindowsApps/..exe does not start from the shortcut created by NT SERVICES/TrustedInstaller - Windows 10/10S RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    Please bare with me while I plod through this problem step-by-step.

    My app deploys as .msi and works fine on Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise. Windows 10S does not support .msi

    To support Windows 10S I added a "Package (Universal Windows)" project to my solution. This generates .appxbundle/.appxupload installers. The Windows App Certification Kit output is [pass]. The appx installer copies my exe plus all resources to C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/..., and adds a shortcut or tile to the Start Menu.

    Testing on Windows 10 Pro: 

    1. Install app and resources from .appxbundle [pass]
    2. Launch app from Start Menu [fail] spinner starts but nothing else happens
    3. Double click exe in C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/.../ [fail]
    4. Take ownership of exe in C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/.../ and double click [fail]
    5. Take ownership and enable 'modify' permission in C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/.../.exe then double click [pass] app works fine
    6. Restore default directory ownership (SYSTEM and NT SERVICES/TrustedInstaller) and double click .exe [fail]
    7. Launch app as Administrator from Start Menu [fail]

    How should I debug these fails? Where is the Windows log that shows failed launch attempts, certificate reads, and reasons for denied execution?

    Edit: I have fixed this niggle now!

    My app was trying to load an icon from its resources using a relative path and it turns out WindowsApps need an absolute path.

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