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     Hello ladies and gentlemen, this should be a fun one.


    Here's the ultimate objective:  <prefix:SomeControl runat="server" ID="someID" divBackground="someImageURL" NavigateUrl="someURL" Target="_blankORnot" Text="SomeTextRenderedOverTheDiv" Height="someHeight" Width="someWidth" CssClass="someClass" MouseOverImage="someImageURL" MouseDownImage="someImageURL" />

    And teh resulting HTML markup on the page:

    <div style="background-image: url(someImageURL); height: someHeight; width: someWidth; line-height: someHeight;" class="someClass">
         <a href="someUrl">SomeTextRenderedOverTheDiv</a>

    The reason would be thus:  My designer does not have to create images for EVERY button in the site, but rather only each state of each type of button.  The Text could be added in and changed easily.

    What I need is help setting this up, this is my very first venture into Web Custom Controls and  thus far google hasn't been much help. :(

    If you could direct me to a starting point I would appreciate it, I'm just at a loss right now.   

    Saturday, April 12, 2008 8:15 PM

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