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  • I have downloaded the Jan 2006 version of Enterprise Library.
    The enterprise library assemblies are not signed and hence not added to GAC.

    I believe that the earlier version of Ent Lib for .NET 1.1 had the assemblies added to the GAC.

    I went through following the sections in the Ent Lib 2.0 documentation,
    (1) Building the Enterprise Library
    (2) Strong Naming Enterprise Library Assemblies

    Here the steps mention that we need to create the .snk file.

    Most of the assemblies we create for the project need to be signed.
    Will various teams in respective companies use their own project snk files for signing the Ent Lib assemblies and GAC the ent lib assemblies? In this case there will be many versions of the same DLL in the GAC for various projects.

    I wanted to know the best practice in this scenario.


    Monday, January 23, 2006 1:40 PM


  • Hi Jubin,

    That depends on the number of applications that you will host on every of the servers. It also depends on the number of project teams and the development and build process.

    The rule of thumb is to sign the common assemblies with a single snk file and register them in GAC. It is also useful to store the snk file in VSS (or other source repository), so newly developed common assemblies can be signed with the same key-pair.

    You can also assign the management of common assemblies to a single project team, so administration and support is centralized.


    - Nikola.

    Monday, January 23, 2006 9:05 PM