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  • hello i have some problems

    REPO CASE -----
    when i create a new empty project for windows phone , and just print out on the screen "hello world"

    it take up 14 megabyte of memory -------------->

    i think it is the background agents that take up this memory ,

    and now i my game , when i start i and you reach to the menu, i have used around 20 megabyte

    and i load in the game data and dispose the menu stuff , it take up 113 megabyte

    and when i run the marketplace test kit it fail the process by the memory

    course we have exeed the 90 megabyte limit - the default start up memory 15 megabyte

    wicth leve us with 75 megabyte to do our game

    my ? is is possible to get certified our game with this memory use of 113 megabyte

    i use this to profile memory







    and give the same result as the marketplace test kit

    can somone please help


     it has come to me i have read on this thread


    and there is still a dell phone with 256 megabyte of memory

    so it was the end of this little game

    allso i have read this

    5.2.5 Memory Consumption

    An application must not exceed 90 MB of RAM usage, except on devices that have more than 256 MB of memory.

    You can use the DeviceExtendedProperties and DeviceStatus classes to query the amount of memory that your application is using, and to adjust behavior based upon the memory available on the device.

    For additional guidance on targeting 256-MB devices, see Developing for 256-MB Devices.

    so the old 2010 phone dell pro kikked the game

    thank you

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 7:27 PM