Please help: "Interface Not Registered" RRS feed

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  • I am computer illiterate and i'm trying to get help from microsoft and i know it's supposed to be free when you buy something but they're trying to charge me 30$ for one call or something...

    I know that someone (flecki?) already posted something about this error, but whatever they were talking about was way over my head and i don't think it was the same problem and i couldn't find any miscellanious board that i could post this in so this was the closest i could think of.

    I'm sorry.

    All I want is to burn a cd on a new laptop from dell. I'm trying to use windows media player and burn music that i've ripped off my cd's onto a CD-R. When I first put in a blank a CD it tells me that all of the songs i want to put on will not fit. So I choose one song, and it says one won't fit. So i played with the checks and eventually it says that they will fit. Then, when i hit start burn, something pops up saying "Interface Not Registered."

    All I want is a cd...

    Can someone help me???

    Sunday, October 29, 2006 12:05 AM


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