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  • I have an Access 2013 DB with a report that I am having some issues with.

    The report has a header whose can grow property is set to yes.  The header also has several text box controls whose can grow property is also set to yes.  There are also some other objects in the header.  My desire is to change the height of these objects depending on the grown height of the tallest object.

    I have a box (Framing/Enclosing) the entire header whose height I can control (set) using the groupheader on format event. 

    Me.Box1.Height = Me.GroupHeader0.Height

    This works fine.  However, I want to know the height of the tallest grown text box.  To try to find this out, I use in the on format event;

       Dim V_Tallest

        V_Tallest = 0

        V_Tallest = Me.Char1.Height


        If Me.Char2.Height > V_Tallest Then

            V_Tallest = Me.Char2.Height

        End If

        If Me.Char3.Height > V_Tallest Then

            V_Tallest = Me.Char3.Height

        End If

        If Me.Char4.Height > V_Tallest Then

            V_Tallest = Me.Char4.Height

        End If



    However, even though char3 for example has data which causes it to grow, me.char3.height yields 240 twips which is the objects specified design height of .167”


    How can I get the grown height value of each of the Char# objects?

    Friday, March 8, 2019 7:28 PM