Application startup twice as slow on Win7 compared to WinXP RRS feed

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    Example :

    Create file:


    @echo %time%


    Then do a powershell /? 100  times

    %temp%\a.bat >%temp%\startup.timesps & for /l %i IN (1,1,100) do @powershell /? >>%temp%\startup.timesps & %temp%\a.bat >>%temp%\startup.timesps

    Compare this with WinXP, Win7 is twice as slow!

    powershell Is is only an example, pearl -version or anything similar will give the same result. Not an issue doing this once or twice but if you do it 100 000 times during a product build phase the poor performance on Win7, (x86)(x64) win2008R2 etc compared ton WinXP is a severe problem.

    Does anybody have a clue why?

    Please hae a look at my example, easy to reproduce

    Cheers /T 

    Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:57 AM

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  • I would like to make some additional comments, hoping for somebody to understand why and perhaps be able to explain.


    The command generates an outputfile in %temp%\startup.timesps with timestamps from the command, if this what not obvious from the command above

    I also did a test on a WinXP virtual workstation running on my W2008R2 Hyper-V

    The result is that the command is faster on the virtual WinXP image then on the base W2008R2 server!!!!

    The test above is done with powershell, just to get a consistent test, A Pearl command execution gives the same result and probably others as well

    Has anybody else experianced this behaviour?

    Do we have a performance analys guru that can explain why?


    Kind Regards /T

    Monday, February 28, 2011 5:49 AM