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  • Congratulations to Nonki, Nonki, and Nonki! =^)

    I tried to stop the triple threat! I'll try again for May! Thanks again to Nonki for some fantastic contributions!

    Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - April 2014  

    Gold Award Winner

    Nonki History of Microsoft Small Basic RZ: "This is very impressive. Though not technical in nature, those are invaluable information!"
    Ed Price: "I'll jump in and comment but not vote (we had enough voting but not comments). This is a nice jump into the history of Small Basic! I sweetened it up a bit by adding the Blogs and Books sections. After we get all the major blog posts in there with the links, it will act as a really fun trip into the history of Small Basic! A great idea that would be fun for any product!" 

    Silver Award Winner

    Nonki Small Basic: Default Value MH: "Great overview on the default values of the Smallbasic IDE. Good point for awareness too, since those values impact the way you work with the IDE."
    RZ: "Very useful info. This is true for any programming language, not just SB."
    Ed Price: "This lists the default values for all the methods with associated parameters! A great reference that people will want to return to!"

    Bronze Award Winner

    Nonki Small Basic: Object Ed Price: "Objects are key for Small Basic. This article does a great job visually showing some UI-related details. And then I helped sweeten it a bit by linking each object in the Object List to its reference page (also on TechNet Wiki). So it's a nice overview. Great article!"
    MH: "Good basic explanation of the concept of Objects in Smallbasic and a handy overview of which we have. Hopefully we can add more."

    Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

    • Small Basic Community Council: Focus Areas by Ed Price
      RZ: "It's great to kick off the community council"
      Ed Price: "It's great to see the Small Basic Community Council come together and divide up a lot of these opportunities to bring Small Basic out into the community and to help it shine! Thanks to all the council members, including Nonki!"
    • Features of Microsoft Small Basic v1.0 by Nonki
      MH: "Nice introduction on the features."
      Ed Price: "This is pretty cool. A great overview of Small Basic 1.0! It might be good to list more of the UI buttons in a way similar to how a user navigates them. Great article with good formatting!"
    • Small Basic Community Council by Ed Price
      Ed Price: "And then this article gives the basics of what the Small Basic Community Council does and who's on it. The "Focus Areas" article breaks down what each person is doing."

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    Monday, May 19, 2014 7:26 PM