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  • Hi,

    I've been working on a "crash monitoring" application (WM 6.0) which works something like this:

    1. Main application thread launches Thread B, and waits for an event object (to be signalled from Thread B upon completion of task)
    2. Thread B creates a new process (the monitored app), with parameters DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS
    3. Thread B launches Thread C, which sends some input parameters to the monitored app
    4. Thread B calls WaitForDebugEvent
    5. If an EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT is caught, Thread B should terminate the monitored app and go back to step 2 (until we have exhausted all of the input parameters to be tested)

    Is there a good way to ensure that the monitored app is killed, regardless of the circumstances? TerminateProcess always seems to fail if the monitored app hangs as a result of the exception.

    Thanks in advance
    Tuesday, June 16, 2009 10:15 AM

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  • You can communicate with the other process by creating a "Named Event" for example to signal the process to exit. 
    In thread B do a: CreateEvent(.., .., .., L"MyEvent");

    This will return a newly created handle which you can use to signal the event with SetEvent() or PulseEvent(). 
    If you do the exactly same in the other processes created by thread B (thus CreateEvent(.., .., .., L"MyEvent");), then it will open and return the existing one. 

    Then you can wait for to be signalled (WaitForSingleObject), and if so exit the app. 

    Good luck,

    Erwin Zwart, 
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