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  • Im looking for volunteers that know about kinect sdk and device simulation framework at least some. I have written a app using device simulation framework code and i have run into an error where it doesnt properly create the usb mouse device on the last hotplug method.

    Iam calling the emulator at alpha stage because it jsut needs some cleanup work to work fully but anyone willing to take a stab at it it says "failed" on the device driver installation status for emulated driver when i use the hotplug method.

    I so far have everything else in the TestGenericHid.wsf vbscript i modified to my knowledge converted well to language so i mostly must need someone to help me track down the spot where i went wrong with the piece of code that's not working.

    Heres what i plan on getting kinectmultipoint program to work with when i get done with it:

    1. Mouse mischief

    2. Multipoint mouse sdk not multipoint server

    3. Study island (will have to talk to support about that)

    4. Add yours below but if you help the project you can add whatever you like directly to code instead of just shouting out what you want.

    Anyone wanting to help the project is located here:

    Anyone wanting to know about kinectmultipoint its an multi-mouse version of kinect mosue except im developing the emulator first for the mouse devices because thats the harder part. I want the mouse emulator to work and if someone gets the code i've got mostly working to fully work i will explain how to emulate your own device.


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