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    I've deployed two games through the Xbox Live Creators Program and it's been a good experience. From both playing my games and feedback, however, I noticed both of my games have frequent frame pacing issues and framedrops, along with rare instances of input lag. These are games that run great on low spec Windows 10 PCs (they are UWP!) so it's frustrating to see the main platform they're played on struggle to run. I've previously played both in a variety of web browsers and mobile devices and never had an issue. I'm not claiming my Construct code is super optimized, but both games (especially GalactiMAX) are small in scope, so I'm left wondering how either are lagging at all. My guess is XLCC limits CPU usage in some way, which is what Construct games rely on to run well. What I want to know is if there's anything I can try to make both of my games run better or get around the CPU bottleneck? Is there anything I can add to the code? Or a method in Construct 2 that doesn't play nice with Xbox? Thanks!


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