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  • I could have the wrong node here, yet I will give it a shot.

    cursor sensitivity in laptops with the variety of track pad components available on the market.

    The question is: is there a method to develop a daemon that would be accessible via GUI to fine tune the electrical stimulation with the variety of objects that the curser is hovering over. Or create a array and fine tune in the back ground to a balanced state for each trackpad device along with a GUI to bump it up or down by thousands or any number of stimulations that would accord to the software being stimulated by the curser.

    History: all to often I have experienced the activity of the curser over a variety of software objects to be a pain. There is no control over the actions of the curser while over a software object. Some software objects open without any click action coming from the trackpad and some software objects act on their own determination while the curser is in the vicinity etc.

    Also in a work environment of Medical the mouse will activate software when any thing is bumped in the vicinity of the computer environment on the tangible counter top of which the computer is setting. This situation needs a daemon to activate via key controls to shut of device drivers and having only one singular method to deactivate via keyboard controls and reactivate via keyboard controls.

    Thank you

    Sunday, December 8, 2019 1:31 AM