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    I have an older Intel mobo, a D975XBX2KR, think they called it the BadAxe, on board is an Intel Core 2 Quad, the Q6600

    Currently I am running Vista Ultimate 32 with lastest updates, but plan to install the top end and latest version of Win 7

    I googled and found that people were doing that and it was working, some issues with getting the Marvel drivers to work but they do work eventually,

    What i am worried about tho is, as part of this upgrade, i want to update the bios and the chipset, i dont do this very often so these are the steps i plan

    to take and just want a confidence check from the Intel community

    hmm, my biggest concern is that i plan to update both the bios and the chipset, while running Vista 32,

    so the concern is:

    Is it difficult to rollback the chipset and the bios upgrades if something goes wrong ?????? ie i want to make sure i can get back to where i was running

    Vista if something goes wrong

    and also which should i do first, update the bios or update the chipset first ????

    here are the planned steps:

    1) backup / ghost my C: drive, ie the Vista drive, ie create an ISO of the entire drive using Norton Ghost
    2) backup the bios and backup the chipset before doing anything, NOTE tho i googled and couldnt find a way to backup either the bios or the chipset????? not

    sure what to do ???
    3) update the chipset and the bios, again not sure which one to do first ??
    4) reboot and test out Vista to make sure it is still running smoothly after the bios and chipset update
    5) shut down and remove the Vista C: drive, ie disconnect the eSata control cables,
    6) install a freshly formatted NTFS drive, 2T byte Western Digital eSata drive and make it the primary
    7) install Win 7 and latest updates from DVD tray

    Things i would like to do during this upgrade but have never done and hoping for comments??

    1) Use a RAID configuration, and mirror the primary so that hot swap occurs if the primary goes down

    2) If possible somehow optimize this workstation now running Windows 7 to function well in a hybrid CLOUD environment (part internal premise an part cloud)

    and optimize or use the best settings and also take advantage of any technologies like Intel's Virutalizaton Technology and any synergies with Microsoft

    Azure servers

    3) If possible have the old Vista C: able to boot in a Virtual Machine running under the new Win 7 OS, i dont really want to dual boot, just a Vista virual

    machine that contains the old Vista intact.

    4) Does anything think, given above that Win 8 or 8.1 might be a better option???, i googled and coulndt find much on using this mobo with Win 8. NOTE the

    Intel support area states up to Vista 64, but people are running Win 7 on this mobo, so opinion or fact on using Win 8 instead??

    5) Is there any way to update; or is it possible to make sure I get the latest version of eSata drivers and controllers during this upgrade ??

    thanks for a couple mintues, glad spring is here again, can go walking, really cold all witner in New England, thx

    Frank Bruhn

    Sunday, April 6, 2014 1:47 AM

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  • sorry, wrong forum for this type of question. This is purely about driver development, not motherboard support

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    Sunday, April 6, 2014 2:55 AM