How to send large model collection List<model> data to controller action using jquery ajax RRS feed

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    In my application there is a Survey form with lot of question-answer fields structure. There are around 80-90 questions getting repeated for multiple categories. As this is a huge form, it takes time to fill in all the answers. Sometimes while filling data session gets timed out  and user get redirected to login page which is causing data loss in for data filled in survey form. To solve this there could be two solutions: 1. Increasing user session timeout limit to some 8-10 hours. 2. Implementing Autosave form feature in survey form using Ajax call in interval.

    I tried implemented both. But for session timeout, the change is not affecting in the application like even after seting ExpireTimeSpan value to 8 hrs it is not getting applied. Can anyone suggest how can I increase user login session time limit (may be the AAD authentication token expiry limit)

    i have also implemented Autosave, but with autosave I am facing issue for passing the Surve form data - basically entire model collection as it is to controller action through $.ajax() call. I tried passing it in many ways but not working. The survey form has its own submit action where data is getting passed properly on form submit. But now I want it to be sent explicitly to another controller action using ajax call.  Its difficult/not possible to generate the entire collection through jquery/javascript as the survey form is very dynamic. Please suggest. How can I pass model collection(List<Model>) to POST controller action through ajax call.

    Please suggest solution. Its very urgent for me. Have sent lot of time on this.

    Thanks in advance

    Note: Form also contains some hidden fields

    Sunday, September 20, 2020 9:08 PM

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    Please suggest solution. Its very urgent for me. Have sent lot of time on this.

    Display a few questions at a time rather than the entire form.  Add a progress bar or show the number of questions left.

    IMHO, A form with 80-90 questions is not good a design for user input.  . 

    Monday, September 21, 2020 11:30 AM