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  • So for the past five years, this forum has been building a real-money online poker bot.

    You just don't know it yet.

    The guy who asked you, repeatedly, annoyingly "What's the best way to inject a DLL on Windows?"

    Yeah. That was me.

    And the guy who kept harping on about replacing system APIs, code patching, and Microsoft Detours, ad nauseum?

    That was me too.

    DLL injection. API detouring. Interprocess communication. Multithreading. Running code on the back end of nowhere, painted in a corner, snatching a few precious slices of attention from the preemptive multitasker, your address space slipping from beneath your feet like a rug- oh and what's that? Your DLL's been unloaded? Oh okay well I'm still a subclassed window, so, boom.

    Yep. Thanks for fixing all my bugs.

    "...And I looked, and I saw that on Windows, the race goes neither to the strong, nor yet to the swift, but to person who understands DLLs."

    No, I really do mean it. Thank you, and enjoy. - Building the collective hamster wheel, one line of code at a time
    Friday, July 18, 2008 6:29 AM