Getting values from active object in the DataContext RRS feed

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  • Hi.

    I have a winform and a few texteditfields. These are bound to the
    result from a linq query:

    var person = ProjectGlobal.rd.ER_Persons.Single(c => c.LogonId ==

    The query gets the person of the entered logon-id. Next, the persons
    departments are feched:
    var sections = from s in ProjectGlobal.rd.ER_Person_Sections
                         where s.Person_Id == person.Person_Id
                         select s;
    The results from this query is databinded to a DataGridView. The
    result columns is Person_Id and Section_Code. And these two columns
    are then shown in the grid.

    the problem is: when I add a new record to the grid, I need to set the
    Person_Id automatically and let the user choose a section code from a
    drop down list in section_code.

    How do I set a value to a grid cell?

    How do I get the person-id from the first query - the active object -
    and put it into the cell in the grid?

    Thanx in advance,


    Wednesday, April 7, 2010 6:02 PM


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