My application is getting crash after 10 days RRS feed

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    I'm facing one issue "my application is getting crash after 10 days". I was not handling AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException event handler. I came to know that .net CLR logs any unhanded exception in Event viewer. But if i try to analyse why this crash happens but event viewer will provide me information only exception message but it is not provide me stack trace. How can i get stack trace for this exception through event viewer.

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    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 7:09 AM

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  • Hello!

    I've faced with the similar issue. Here is my suggestion about this:

    1. Read this article for details. Long story short: you have to turn on creating a crush dump files via the 'Registry editor. Simplified steps:

    • Run Regedit
    • Go to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting" branch and create the LocalDumps key
    • In LocalDumps, create the myApplicationName.exe key
    • Add the following values in this key:
      "DumpFolder" = "c:\crashDumpFiles"   - crash files directory
      "DumpType" = dword: 00000002   - it's a full dump type
      "CustomDumpFlags" = dword: 00001124

    2. After the application crash you can check specified directory from the 1st step and find a crash file (someFileName.dmp)

    3. Open the crash dump with the Visual Studio and try to 'Debug with Managed only' or 'Debug with mixed

    P.S. I've got the same error during manged call 'Clipboard.ContainsText'. See this post

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 8:49 AM