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  • Having done the ritual earlier this evening it spurred mentioning it here, as a reminder.

    1st electronics despise water, dirt & heat. The water part is another discussion, LOL. So, to be cool, cannot have dirt AND need air(flow)... bit like an engine, that way... don't block the air(flow) and things work well and are happy.

    End Users oft don't think of, actual, physical dirt & dust inside their machines nor how quickly it accumulates. Also, many Users do not run a temperature gauge.  The running temp of a machine can be/is substantially, significantly lowered by cleaning (inside) a tower. Said gauge can be/give a hint that things are not breathing very well; so can a drop in performance. However, don't let it come to such 'red flags'... pick consistent time periods not more than 1 month, less is ok, too...  just make it a scheduled calendar thing.

    And, no, one does not need to be in a construction zone, live on a dirt road or in a windy desert for this to be necessary.  It is just a regular maintenance thing. A plethora of things contribute... normal daily living, household pets, open windows & doors in summer but, it, really, doesn't matter, any of it.  The things become dirty, clogged, plugged up, warmer than should be, sluggish and worse case scenario, if bad enough, shut machines down.  And many don't think of it... out of sight, out of mind.  They gather dust & dirt inside and WE have to not miss that one.

    It IS important, makes terrific difference in the state of the machine and performance.  Remember it as part of standard best practice & TLC.  Small, occasional (BUT REGULAR) task but, big rewards & value!


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    Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:20 AM