Sample Pipline filter is not working RRS feed

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  • I used VS Community Edition 2015, to create V4 Printer Driver. Included the sample WdkpipelineFilter from Github. Generated new GUID.  Modified

    Changed the pipeline config xml : SavemaDriverOneRenderFilter-PipelineConfig.xml


      <Filter dll            = "SavemaDriverOneRenderFilter.dll"
              clsid          = "{472fc84e-c725-44cc-bfaa-e024a97c0849}"
              name           = "SavemaDriverOneRenderFilter">
        <Input   guid  = "{b8cf8530-5562-47c4-ab67-b1f69ecf961e}" comment="IID_IXpsDocumentProvider"/>
        <Output  guid  = "{65bb7f1b-371e-4571-8ac7-912f510c1a38}" comment="IID_IPrintWriteStream"/>

      <Filter dll="WdkPipelineFilter.dll"
      name="Wdk Pipeline Filter">
        <Input guid="{4d47a67c-66cc-4430-850e-daf466fe5bc4}" comment="IID_IPrintReadStream"/>
        <Output guid="{65bb7f1b-371e-4571-8ac7-912f510c1a38}" comment="IID_IPrintWriteStream"/>


    Output is not getting generated just with the sample.  Please advise.

    If I remove the references in the XML, I get XPS output, which is correct.


    Aricovindane. P


    Wednesday, September 7, 2016 12:17 PM