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    Really pulling my hair out over this.  Does anyone know of full excample on how to configure IIS and a web application so that when a user access the site 

    I can capture their login (from their PC), in the form of domain\user.  

    There's lots of snippets and the only MSDN KB article I can find si for .NET2.  

    Some futher questions.  

    • Do I need to configure for Windows authentication. 
    • Do I need a login control on my page, even if there will be no user input? 
    • I read that an LDAP connection string needs to "authenticated bind to the Active Directory using a specified username" but I don't have this until runtime. 

    I'm sure this has been done a million times before and I'm missign the obvious :-( 

    Thanks in advance. 


    Thursday, October 31, 2013 6:45 AM


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