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    So I have .net app I need to expand. It has a dataset file (.xsd) that originally used queries in rather than sprocs. I need to expand the form to include additional fields for select, input, and update tasks. However, the select statement now includes a complex joint query with 3 three other tables. On the inset/update side of the task I don't want to update these three tables on the corresponding record ids (foreign keys) in the main table.

    Each time I ran the dataset's config wizard insert and update statement weren't created. Somewhere an error stated that when I have complex statement the dataset is not able to generate insert/update statements. So I created stored procedures and ran the wizard but I keep getting an error with the adapter complaining about the number of parameters do not match. I have compared line by line the parameters in the dataset against the parameters in the stored proc and they match.

    I guess the main question is if I have a complex query how do I use the dataset to make insert and update tasks?



    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 4:06 AM


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