Set Wildchar in apllication mapping of IIS v6.0


  • Hi,

    I am working in concept of URL Rewriting and created a wildchar like (.*) in IIS mapping

    i have written a httpmodule which handles all request since i have given in IIS saying .* to permit.This works fine with IIS v5.1 , when i take to my staged server of IIS v6.0 where iam not able to create a mapping like(.*) in IIS v6.0 . So the request with out extension are not permitted in IIS v6.0.

    what are the steps to be followed to make work in IIS v6.0.


    My objective is like www.xyz.com/navyajeevan  when user types like this he must be able to see his profile.


    Please give a solution to fix my problem and get my objective work in IIS v6.0



    Navya Jeevan


    Thursday, February 22, 2007 3:37 AM