Some problems about device app and preview app for camera ? RRS feed

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  • First problem:

    I build and deploy the device app for webCam sample( C++ version), register the driverMft0 to the system, 

    copy the metedata to local company, open Metro Preview App. It is all right on the win8RC.

    But on the Win8RTM(9200), the device app page can appear and the affect can show.However, The slider 

    control can't be  slided, it always the initial place, the brightness effect can show when drag it. 

    Then I test the C# version device app and javascript version device app,  the C# version faces the same 

    problem,but  javascript version is OK! 

    Second problem:

        It is similar the first.But the problem occur in both Win8RC and Win8RTM. Now I write my device app 

    and DriverMft, which are deployed and registered.Because the effect options are too much, the device app 

    need a ScrollViewer to include more controls. I open the Metro Preview App and launch the 

    CameraOptionUI, then the device app page show on the right of the screen, however most of the time the 

    ScrollViewer can't be moved normally and the slider has the same problem.but toggleButton is all right and the 

    effect can use.It just look like the controls problem.
        In fact, in order to put more control insider limited space of the device app page,I design the more complex 

    interface.The interface has a listBox and a public area, I choose the different listBoxItem to show different usercotrol page in the public area.Also it has error when as a device app, but it is all right when the same code run as a application app. 
        So I think there is somewrong with Ms when they design the the architecture of device app  invoked by CameraOptionUI.

    Third Problem:
          After My metro Preview App finds all cameras, it want to know the camera is internal or external. How to 
    distinguish them? I want a simple API!  Ms's own Metro Preview App can distinguish  them, if the camera is internal and front ,the media will flip horizontal, so I want to realsize it in my own preview app.

    I'm looking forward to your answer.Thank you very much!
    Friday, October 19, 2012 9:35 AM