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  • We are trying to integrate an OpenCV C++ Windows Runtime Component with a C# Windows Store App. We are currently working on Windows 8 (x64) platform and using Visual Studio 2012 with OpenCV 2.4.5. The actual aim is to detect faces in a C# Windows Store App working on x64 platform. We successfully set up OpenCV 2.4.5 with Visual Studio 2012 (x64 platform) and copied all the dll's of openCV to the "system32" folder so that we are able to build and run the openCV projects on the above mentioned platform.

    Here are the problems faced by us:

    1. We are successful in building the C++ Windows Runtime Component that contains the code for the face detection. But as soon as we integrate that with the Store App and try to make the object of the WinRT's class. It throws an exception.
    2. But the whole project works fine if we comment the lines where we are trying to work on images and cascades.

    Solely we are able to detect faces in Win32 Console application using the above code. But not able to do the this task.

    I am giving the link to the project we are working on. 

    About the project: 1. "FaceDetectWinRT" is the C++ Windows Runtime Component project which contains "Class1.cpp" and "Class1.h" which contains the code for the face detection. 2. "FaceDetectStoreApp" is the C# Windows Store App project that has the reference to the above project and is declared as the "Start up" project. 3. There is a button in the " FaceDetectStoreApp " under "MainPage.xaml.cs" class which when clicked calls the " FaceDetectWinRT " project's function "face" which when working is expected to return the coordinate of the face that is detected.

    Monday, May 13, 2013 7:50 AM

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