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  • Is it possible to set document properties values at "Null"?

    I have made a template that i want to fill with properties data which has no initial value.

    Prepopulation is not desired

    Sub ResetDocProperties()
      'built-in property
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Author", sValue:=Null)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Subject", sValue:=Null)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Company", sValue:=Null)
      'custom document property
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Datum", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeDate)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Referentie", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeString)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Status", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeString)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Klant", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeFloat)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Project", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeFloat)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Onderwerp", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeString)
      Call WriteProp(sPropName:="Taal", sValue:=Null, lType:=msoPropertyTypeString)
    End Sub
    Public Sub WriteProp(sPropName As String, sValue As String, _
          Optional lType As Long = msoPropertyTypeString)
    Dim bCustom As Boolean
      On Error GoTo ErrHandlerWriteProp
      ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(sPropName).Value = sValue
      Exit Sub
      bCustom = True
      ActiveDocument.CustomDocumentProperties(sPropName).Value = sValue
      Exit Sub
      On Error Resume Next
      ActiveDocument.CustomDocumentProperties.Add Name:=sPropName, _
        LinkToContent:=False, Type:=lType, Value:=sValue
      If Err Then
        Debug.Print "The Property " & Chr(34) & _
         sPropName & Chr(34) & " couldn't be written, because " & _
         Chr(34) & sValue & Chr(34) & _
         " is not a valid value for the property type"
      End If
      Exit Sub
      Select Case Err
        Case Else
       If Not bCustom Then
         Resume Proceed
         Resume AddProp
       End If
      End Select
    End Sub

    Friday, July 8, 2016 9:02 AM

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  • I figured out a simple work around :-)

    In stead of 


    I have typed


    Friday, July 8, 2016 9:11 AM