Polling Image, Depth and Skeleton Frame RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    using the polling pattern as presented in the programming guide, I am noticing a delay between the three grabbed frames:

    Image seems to be "first",

    Skeleton "second",

    Depth "third",

    which should mean that for the same polled frame, the image stream shows most progress in a movement, skeleton seems a bit delayed (approx. 3 frames) and depth another 2 frames.

    Is it possible to use the polling pattern sequential for the three streams, e.g.

                        skeletonFrame = nui.SkeletonEngine.GetNextFrame(10000);
                        depthImage = nui.DepthStream.GetNextFrame(10000);
                        videoImage = nui.VideoStream.GetNextFrame(10000);

    How else could it be achieved using that pattern? If I check the frame number of the grabbed frames, it is the same for all three, so I assume it should work.

    I have implemented a recording and playback functionality for all three, so I could check... As others have stated before, this is really vital! I might release the code to public in near future, but an integration of that functionality into the framework would be VERY handy!




    Monday, June 20, 2011 7:53 PM


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